Windsock (2019)

Fabric installation, in collaboration with Molly Markow


Fall in Illinois: the time when thoughts of escaping to a tropical location creeps into daily routine, as a mental escape, instagrammers making followers envious through their vacations, and flamingo-themed beer stacks s in the grocery store. A constant reminder of the memory or dream of that trip to Cancun, and watching the construction and overcrowded runways from O’Hare disappear in the distance. In the summer months Lake Michigan is marketed as a destination location for the Midwest, the slim time when Lake Michigan can fill this role. As

empty beer cans accumulate and line the coast, droves of people descend on the area to camp, swim, and escape from the pressures of daily life. For our collaborative Flagpole Project we created a windsock flag made of alternating images of a summer sunset over Lake Michigan, and a stack of Natural Light beer. The windsock will be constructed out of custom printed waterproof, ripstop fabric and attached to the flagpole through a grommeting system. The windsock is the last thing you see out the airplane window when taking off on a trip to the