SOUVENIRS (2014-2016)

Prints, Digital Collages


Souvenirs is an ongoing body of work exploring the painting process on a digital canvas. The series started as drawing while sitting on a bus, in line at the grocery store, at restaurants waiting for food, etc. The drawings abstracted my surroundings while traveling Western Europe and due to always limited space, I painted digitally.


First, I scanned these sketches into my laptop which added a painterly element to the process: the digital paintings’ scanning time replaced a physical painting’s drying time. Then, I edited them to overlap them seamlessly and create intricate digital collages. The result is the current form of Souvenirs, a series of digital collages on square templates that abstract the interior and exterior spaces of travel.


From this body of work, I have discovered a new medium for my work by mimicking my painting process in Photoshop and also another way to satiate my drive to investigate the world as a painter.