A simple graphic shot of a lake in Ireland.


There is a tombstone. “Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away” is engraved shallowly into the rock.


It was written when Hazlett Hamilton, my grandfathers grandfathers father, drowned.


The bottom left having a small notch and the creases create tributaries that rain carried pieces of the tombstone into the lake. The phrase written means that you’re mine forever and all of eternity. This family history was discovered from the crumbling photograph found at the back of a humid attic. On the back reads:

















I think about my grandmother sitting in that saltbox lake house in 1970. My dad the same age as his dad is in the photograph. He was playing in the yard when my grandmother received a phone call with a hardly audible staticky connection. She puts the phone down, calls her boy inside from the lake. She sits him down and says “dad’s drowned”.