Acrylic on Panel


Painting is a daily practice. Each day in the studio begins a flow of habits like an athlete warming up. A prolific amount of work grows out of obsession with routines, the everyday, and familiarity.


My paintings are rooted in references to mundane, everyday objects such as cardboard objects, paper scraps and tin cans found in my studio. I use these objects to sculpt forms and shapes that skirt the boundaries of two dimensionality. I place them in the studio which then becomes the paintings' space--only a result from daily practice. The work develops into contained fictional worlds that are familiar but not specifically identifiable from the simplified and abstract imagery. This allows the color fields to define space so that a shape may look like a piece of chocolate cake but is only a collection of brown hues in triangle shapes. Objects and figures support the use of color, rather than using color to support the object. The paintings can only suggest real world things.