is a Canadian artist, filmmaker, writer, curator based in Illinois.



He doesn't think it’s a coincidence that Moby Dick was written alongside the first decade of photography. Bats, a symbol in this era of Romantic writing and haunting and the genus represents 25% of all mammals, have also managed to escape contemporary photographic means to understand their flight. I utilize photographic methods and writing to explore vernacular photography, family history, and Affect.


His practice is rooted in writing and research; and photography. He expands photography to include practices leading up to its invention (drawing by light); methods developing alongside (animation, collage, and video); and contemporary practices that are still rooted in photographic images (3-d modeling and scanning). He is working on installation elements to create an affective world around these elements, analyzing photos, not for their documentary meaning or truthiness, but for the way they project feeling. These projects use Spaghetti Western sets, antiquated photographic technology, old photographs, drawings, and immersive installation elements, to tell pieces of a story to create feelings. This includes a choppy video of seeing whales, a poem on a beach, projector slides, a miniature set that tells a story of a wasp, and a childhood home that became a bat sanctuary.


He received a BFA from the University of North Carolina in 2014, and is currently pursuing an MFA at Illinois State University (expected 2020).  He has had solo and two person shows at University Galleries in Normal, IL, Terrain Biennial, and as part of the Wrong Biennial. He has been included in group shows at the North Carolina Museum of Art, CICA Museum of Art (Gimpo, South Korea), and 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, NC. He has curated projects at Lump (Raleigh, NC), the Alcott Gallery at the University of North Carolina, and Transpace at Illinois State University. His writing has been published on Delicious Line and Sight Specific.